Featured Voice Talent

David Crandell

Dave has backgrounds in radio, audio production, and software development. He is currently the VP of IT and Engineering for On-Hold Media Group. He speaks French and Spanish and plays guitar, mandolin, banjo, and bass. He also enjoys disc golf, is a bas

Della Adame

Della Adame began her broadcasting career behind the microphone as a 14 year-old, reporting the local high school football action for local radio and television stations. A few years later she was on the top rated morning radio show and also had acquired

Gary West

Gary has worked in the radio broadcasting and telecommunications fields. His more mature delivery styles cover the range from cordial conversational to faster-paced “radio announcer style” (to grumpy old guy if that’s what the script calls for). Gary e

Nadine Bodett

Nadine Bodett is a former radio personality from the Dallas and Houston Markets, with experience as a copywriter and voice talent for the Dallas Cowboy Network and Miller Public Relations. When not recording new scripts for On-Hold Media Group, Nadine s

Savanna Evans

Savanna's bio