On-Hold Media Group Production Package Descriptions


The Shuffle Package Includes:

  • Unlimited password-protected access to our Shuffle™ Content Management System, where you'll manage your scripts, music and finalized playlists
  • Automatic Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly system-generated updates, depending on your preference setting
  • Up to 10 Free Custom "Starter" Scripts to begin populating your custom library
  • Unlimited access to vertical libraries with already-produced scripts for hundreds of top-selling products in select categories, ready for your immediate use, if applicable
  • Unlimited acces to complimentary script libraries including Seasonal Holidays & Observances, Inspirational Quotes, Health & Safety Tips and Trivia


The Shuffle Xpress Package Includes:

Shuffle™ Xpress Packages are designed to provide additional assistance with managing custom library content and initiating custom spots on a quarterly basis.

Your Account Manager will:

  • Create custom scripts for your approval based on information contained on your website, content from your company's email blasts, and company newsletters
  • Update new scripts as they are developed and remove any previous scripts that have run their course
  • Manage all new Shuffle™ productions on the update frequency you request: Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly
  • Contact you quarterly to see if you have any additional script ideas or other service support needs

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